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The problem

Farming is at a crossroads. There are environmental, social and economic pressures. But there are ways to diversify your income through regenerating the soil.

The costs of farming is rapidly increasing and margins are being squeezed. The system favours uniformity yet every farm is unique. By understanding how your soil functions, you can take the first steps forward. The solution is beneath our feet.

How your farm can benefit from Soil Heroes

The system doesn’t pay to farm in harmony with nature. But as a steward of the land, you can see the change that needs to happen.

The challenge of transitioning to a regenerative system alone is difficult.

Therefore, embark on your journey with Soil Heroes and our community of leading regenerative farmers.

Through a tailored service, sector-leading scientific modelling, and a digital platform, we can reward farmers for improvements in soil health and other environmental outcomes. We provide you with a service that is profitable, trustworthy, and transparent.

  • Annual Revenue Stream
    We offer two payment models depending on the context of the agreement with your impact partner. You will either receive a payment for outcome or practices.
  • In Depth Soil Analysis
    Timestamp Zero is the baseline physical soil measurement used to understand the soil’s health. The combination of these results feed into the Soil Health Index, all of which we share with you.
  • Easy to Use Platform
    Register your plots, input your farm management plan and regenerative practices, and provide evidence of implementation, all with a few clicks.
  • Knowledge Exchange
    We facilitate workshops, webinars and farm tours to ensure best practice is being shared between farmers. We are forming a regenerative movement.

Our Platform,
Your Impact.

Our industry-leading model calculates the environmental impact of regenerative agriculture and its practises.

Why not take a tour yourself and have a look at the farmers creating impact?

Founded by farmers

In Conversation with Regenerative Farmer & Soil Heroes Founder; Jeroen Klompe.

We can learn so much more from farmers than how to restore soil. Regeneration goes much further and deeper.

Koen van Seijen from Investing in Regenerative Agriculture sits down with pioneering farmers pushing boundaries in regenerative agriculture, exploring more than soil health.

Join our community of forward thinking farmers

So, what’s next?

In conclusion, we can support your Farm’s regenerative journey. Get in touch to join the Soil Heroes community. Here is a reminder of the benefits you’ll receive:

  • Annual Revenue StreamResilient Supply Chain
  • In Depth Soil Analysis
  • Easy to Use Platform
  • Knowledge Exchange
Rubie van Crevel Soil Heroes Carbon Insetting Regenerative Agriculture

Rubie Van Crevel

Account Manager – Corporate Clients

Let’s talk about Regenerative Agriculture

You know you’ll dig it.

How does payment work?

We are working on 1-year agreements between companies and farmers. Impact will be forecast based on practices implemented over a certain hectarage. After year 1 the outcome is verified and payment is made to the farmer. Payment in year 2 is re-calculated based on the next year’s cycle and so on.

What soil sampling methodology do you use?

For Timestamp Zero, we analyse four key categories: physics, chemistry, biology and soil management. We look at parameters including soil organic matter, bulk density, penetrometry, earthworms and in-depth soil moisture. These tests are designed to be practical and cost effective for farmers to conduct themselves with some samples being sent to labs. Soil Heroes can provide support for the first Timestamp Zero but farmers should be able to conduct future assessments themselves.