Soil Heroes for Businesses

Companies work with us to put carbon back in the soil through regenerative agriculture. If it’s through Insetting or Offsetting, we have you covered. Join the regenerative movement.

The problem

You know the score, we are facing multiple crises; increasing temperatures, biodiversity decline, epidemics, and then, there is global soil degradation.

Never has the supply chain been exposed to so much risk. The whole food system is facing a challenging future. However, by restoring soil health our farmers can be a source of climate resilience. The solution is beneath our feet.

What we offer

So, you have calculated your companies emissions, where do you go next? Do you remove or reduce?

Either way, we have you covered…


Soil Heroes provides quantified and verified impact measurement through our dedicated regenerative farming network. Providing you with high quality environmental credits from farms across north-western Europe.

We have found that offsetting is the first step on an enriching journey. Companies can compensate in the short-term and gain practical insights on how to regenerate their own supply chain long-term.


Everyone’s supply chain is unique and we tailor a bespoke service, working with the farmers that you know and trust. Your farmers can transition individual fields, one at a time, to regenerative agriculture.

Insetting is a long term approach to systemic change. Businesses like yours are seeing it not only as a means to reduce their footprint but to mitigate their supply chain from future climate volatility.

How your business can benefit from Soil Heroes

There is a place for regenerative agriculture in your supply chain; a game changer for your company’s environmental impact and supply chain resilience.

But, it is challenging. Value chains are naturally complex and dynamic.

Therefore, embark on your regenerative journey with Soil Heroes. Through a tailored service, sector-leading scientific modelling, and a digital platform, we provide you with impact that is trustworthy, transparent, and full of credibility.

  • Quantified and Verified Impact
    Our platform measures soil carbon sequestration, biodiversity and soil water storage capacity. We verify this with soil tests, satellite data and farmer-provided evidence.
  • Supply Chain Resilience
    As we enter an era of unprecedented climate change, restoring soil health can mitigate the worst effects. Future-proof your supply of raw materials and preserve your core business functions.
  • Marketing Opportunities
    Storytelling is key to reaching your customers. Bring regenerative agriculture to life and showcase the practices being adopted by your farmers.
  • Knowledge Exchange
    We facilitate workshops, webinars and farm tours to ensure best practice is being shared between farmers. We are forming a regenerative movement.

Our Platform,
Your Impact.

Our industry-leading model calculates the environmental impact of regenerative agriculture and its practises.

Why not take a tour yourself and have a look at the farmers creating impact?

Since we started having initial conversations with Soil Heroes it has been clear through their expertise of regenerative agriculture, commitment to putting the farmer at the centre of what they do, as well as their willingness to work with us to adapt, innovate and find solutions within our own supply chain, that they would become an integral partner for Mindful Chef”.

Join our community of forward thinking companies

We began our regen ag learning journey in 2020 because we wanted to support positive change in our food sector, working with the people who understand it best – farmers. Soil Heroes was the ideal partner, helping us understand the challenges and opportunities for regen ag, and connecting us directly with the farmers so we could learn from the projects we funded. We liked their holistic approach – a refreshing difference from many of the companies operating in this space who have a narrow focus on carbon sequestration. Soil Heroes also measure biodiversity, water retention and nutrient improvements – critical ecosystem services and part of our reason for choosing to invest in regen ag rather than tree planting or other traditional ‘offsets’. The transparency of their measurement and tracking tools means we can see the impact we have and communicate that to our customers too”.

So, what’s next?

In conclusion, we can support your business’ regenerative journey. Get in touch to join the Soil Heroes community. Here is a reminder of the benefits you’ll receive:

  • Positive Environmental Impact
  • Resilient Supply Chain
  • Storytelling Opportunities
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning
Project Lead Corprate Clients

Bodrik Bakker

Account Manager – Corporate Clients

Let’s talk about Regenerative Agriculture

You know you’ll dig it.

How does the Soil Heroes platform work?

The Soil Heroes platform serves two functions:

We measure, report and verify environmental impact on farms. 
We connect farmers and buyers seeking to invest in impact.

We are uniquely positioned to quantify soil carbon sequestration, biodiversity and soil water storage capacity and broker the payment for this impact. 

We use the platform to track progress on farms through the yearly growing cycle whilst buyers can also see the regenerative activities that are underway on their invested plots. 

What impact does Soil Heroes measure?

We measure:

Soil Carbon Sequestration in tonnes of CO2
Biodiversity in m2 e.g. how much of a plot has been set aside for a biodiversity margin/lane/corridor etc.
Additional Water Storage Capacity in litres³

We are also developing a way to measure crop nutrient density which will be integrated into our platform by 2023. 

What is the length of the contract?

1 year with a view to form longer-term partnerships with your impact partner.