The future of your business lies in the soil.

We dig soil.

Soil is one of our most important natural resources. Vital for our food, clean water, terrestrial ecosystems, and storing more carbon than all the world’s forests combined.

But soil is suffering. Conventional farming practices are causing long-term damage and increasing the risk of food insecurity.

Soil Heroes regenerates supply chains by connecting businesses who want to offset or inset their emissions, with farmers who can capture carbon in the soil through regenerative agriculture.

Together, we can all be soil heroes.

Soil Heroes for businesses

The Soil Heroes Platform tracks and measures the positive environmental impact paid for by companies. Adopting Regenerative Agriculture will future proof farms, supply chains, and the food sector.

  • Quantified and verified environmental impact
  • Enhance and strengthen relationships with suppliers
  • Supply chain resilience to climatic and economic shocks
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Increased nutrition in produce

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Soil Heroes for farmers

Soil Heroes facilitates payments to farmers for adopting regenerative practices. We pay for the creation of positive environmental impact. This means captured carbon, increasing water storage capacity, boosting biodiversity, and soon, improved nutrient density. 

  • Payments for impact beyond carbon
  • Enhance and strengthen relationships with buyers
  • In-depth soil analysis
  • Peer-to-peer learning

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